The Total Profit Racing Horse Racing System

LATEST RESULTS 2014:     OVERALL STRIKE RATE 43%:     OVERALL PROFIT AT SP: 120%:   OR AT BEST PRICES AVAILABLE 130%:     TUES 26TH AUG:    14.00 RIPON:    MIXED MESSAGE:    WON 9/4:     MON 25TH AUG:    14.50 NEWCASTLE:    THE OSTEOPATH:    WON 7/2:     FRI 1ST AUG:    13.55 GOODWOOD:    PETHER'S MOON:    WON 11/10:     FRI 20TH JUNE:    15.20 MARKET RASEN:    RUM AND BUTTER:    WON 6/4:     MON 12TH MAY:    19.20 WINDSOR:    OCEAN TEMPEST:    WON 5/4:     SAT 12TH APRIL:    14.30 BANGOR:    KING'S GRACE:    WON 3/1:     FRI 28TH MARCH:    19.00 WOLVERHAMPTON:    DESERT RANGER:    WON 8/15:     SUN 23RD MARCH:    14.15 WINCANTON:    ATTWAAL:    WON 11/10:     THURS 20TH MARCH:    18.55 KEMPTON:    SEEK THE FAIR LAND:    WON 5/4:     WED 19TH FEB:    14.50 DONCASTER:    PEARL CASTLE:    WON 4/6:     SUN 9TH FEB:    15.05 SOUTHWELL:    ELECTRIC QUATAR:    WON 3/1:     FRI 31ST JAN:    13.00 LINGFIELD:    MR DAVID:    WON 7/4:     TUES 28TH JAN:    14.50 SOUTHWELL:    TELLOVOI:    WON 1/2:     SAT 11TH JAN:    14.10 KEMPTON:    CAPTAIN CHRIS:    WON 15/8:     DID YOU MISS THESE WINNERS?     DO YOU NEED TO MAKE A PROFIT FROM YOUR RACING?    

Make A Profit Every Year From Horse Racing: It's Easy

Would You Like To Make A Genuine Profit From Horse Racing Every Year?

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A Proven Horse Racing System Is The Secret To Success

The one big secret to success in horse racing is to follow a proven formula that will bring success every year. In fact the Total Profit Horse Racing System is proven for over five years with profitable results. Anyone can make £20,000 or more just by following the system, and all it takes is five minutes or less every day

Why does it work?...

It's simple really: Be Selective and Be Successful!

Why Do Punters Always Get It Wrong

Punters always get it wrong because they want to back lots of horses every day - but the truth is there are only a few races where you could reasonably expect to pick the winner

Trying to win overall by backing lots of horses in lots of races is not a strategy that will work as far as making a profit is concerned

Instead the right strategy is to be selective and wait for the right races where horses have the clear form to win. In fact in these races it would be a surprise if the horse didn't win the race

The Horses Predicted By The System To Win


Suppose you knew which races, out of the thousands that are run each year, are the right races where horses have an outstanding chance of success. Then you would be well on the road to making a good profit from your racing

This is what the Total Profit Racing Plan does for you. Backing the horses predicted by the system to win is a far more sensible and profitable proposition than just backing loads of races where you "hope" the horse will win. Being selective is the key to making a profit overall

This doesn't mean always backing at short prices. There are plenty of horses that have the form to win a race that are actually up to 6.0 or 7.0 and still go on and win quite convincingly. Even at these bigger prices we know that the Total Profit Racing Horse Racing System will pick the winner again and again. I wish I could tell you how many winners I've had at bigger prices...and the look on the bookmakers face - well thats quite something!

The Form Horse

It should be obvious to anyone that, the horse which has done it all before, and has the form to win again must have far greater chances to win than other candidates. But its not just about form. There are also dark horses which have run down the field in previous races, but which are being laid up for a big win, when the price is right. So an important part of the Total Profit Racing Horse Racing System is to assess the competition i.e. the other horses in the race as well as our hoped for candidate

The Factors The Formula Assesses

The formula uses a number of factors in deciding which horses to back

These are based on things like:

  • The Going - this is the ground that the race is run on such as soft, heavy, good, good to soft, good to firm etc, and the horses performance when running on this ground
  • The Distance - this is the distance of the race. Races are run over many different distances: a 5 furlong sprint is very different to a 2.5 mile handicap
  • The Competition - this is the other horses in the race
  • The Odds - this is the price the bookmaker will give us for our winner, we don't want to back at odds that are too short such as odds on's
  • The Odds Of The Previous Race - this is the odds at SP or starting price returned for the horses last run
  • The Type Of Race - some types of race are much harder to predict e.g. maiden races where none of the horse have ever won a race in their lifetime!
  • Pevious Form - this is the finishing position of the horse in its last race
  • Days Since The Horse Ran - this is the number of days since the horse participated in a race. Too many days means the form is unreliable and the horse might not be race fit
  • The Number Of Runners In A Race - this is the total number of runners in a race. We avoid big fields packed with too many horses
  • Lenths of Previous Winners - this is the number of lengths by which a horse won a previous race, and helps us asses how good the win really was. The formula also selects horses in certain cases which did not win their previous race
  • Prize Money Of Precious Races - this is the prize money awarded in a previous race, and any drop in price money from a previous race, where applicable

As you can see this is a fairly inclusive list of factors to consider

But the great thing about the formula is that it can be applied very quickly, and no more than 5 min is required daily to work out which horse, if any, should be backed

I have always found it astonishing how many winners the system comes up with, and this really is a system not to be without if you want to make your racing pay

The Key Is To Be Selective

The most important key to success in horse racing is to be selective. Back in lots of races every day and you will lose overall. On the other hand wait for the right races to come along, using the Total Profit Horse Racing System, and you will be sure of making a profit every year

The results speak for themselves

Do you really think a system that has produced a level stakes profit every year for five years will let you down now? By the way level stakes means betting with the same amount of money on every race, no need to chase losers here

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Please Note: As with any form of betting or gambling, we cannot provide guarantees of any kind as to winners, losers, performance etc. While the formula has been carefully and honestly researched and all evidence and ongoing results are kept for posterity, no racing system can avoid things going wrong occasionally, and/or losing runs being thrown up from time to time. However we are certain that should anyone stick to the formula for a sustained period, they should find many winners, and will do alot better from their racing than just betting blind without following any successful plan like the Total Profit Racing Plan. The system is sold as seen, and no guarantees express or implied or any liability for the outcome of following the plan can be entertained. We would always recommend that anyone using the plan should stick to it for at least 12 months before making a judgement on it. The publishers have reviewed the evidence and results of the plan over several years and are confident that the claims of success by the author are genuine. We affirm that no "reverse engineering" has been used in the development of this product i.e a process where unscrupulous authors "make a system up" from previous results and then make the system fit. This system has been checked on a forward recent results basis i.e. taking the system as it stands and observing the results from its selections